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Grace Lutheran Church



It is the vision of Grace Lutheran Church is to follow Jesus and manifest God’s love for all in this community and beyond.


We seek to be disciples of Jesus in our world today.  


At Grace Lutheran Church we worship together, we learn together and serve together in the name of Jesus.


We worship together every Sunday and have special services for Thanksgiving and during the weeks of Lent leading up to Easter.


We learn together at Sunday School and through adult Bible studies.


We serve our local community by providing a Senior Meals program, by housing the area Food Pantry and by hosting a rummage sale each weekend of the summer to allow people to acquire items they need at reasonable prices.


Grace Lutheran Church is in the heart of Elroy, Wisconsin, just a couple of blocks from the Royal Schools and a couple of blocks from downtown.


Many people in the area have jobs in manufacturing or agriculture. Recreation is also a thriving business in the community as Elroy serves as anchor to the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail.

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